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"On board the steamer!" replied Mr. Flint from the bridge. ,"Over to the other side of the island," replied the lieutenant.

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"You will call all hands, Mr. Flint," said the commander, as soon as the executive officer appeared on the deck; and the call of the boatswain's mate sounded through the vessel. せみ パチスロ


,Christy laughed in spite of the importance of the investigation at the coolness and self-possession of his cousin; but he could not understand how Corny would be able to produce a copy of his report, which was in his valise with several such papers. パチスロ インディジョーズ2

,"We are cousins."

Ensign McLinn, who had served on board of the little steamer, but had recently been on sick leave, was appointed second lieutenant of the Bronx, while Mr. Camden, outranked by the other officers, remained as third lieutenant. Christy and Mr. Pennant were transferred to the Sphinx, with a prize crew; and that same evening the Bronx sailed under her new commander, with sealed orders, to the eastward. , パチスロ 偽物語 中段チェリー

"Good!" exclaimed Mr. Pennant; and this was the first time he had ever been under fire, though he had imagined it enough to feel entirely at home. ,

"We have no surgeon, I believe, for Dr. Spokeley 173 is sick, and was to be sent home before I left in the Vixen for New York," added the commander, now restored to his own right on board. ,

"Not a night for blockade runners," added the captain. ,CHAPTER XXXI A WOUNDED COMMANDER

"Half a dozen of them, and a steamer to tow them to sea." ,

,"Good-morning, Lieutenant Passford!" said Captain Battleton, as he extended his hand to his passenger. "I am glad to see that you are better."

It was plain enough to all the officers and men that the commander knew what to do in the emergency, and every one was energetic in the 352 discharge of his duty. Mr. Ambleton was fully alive to the peril of the moment, and he was careful to make his aim sure with the great gun. It had been loaded before with a solid shot, and presently the steamer was shaken to her keel by the concussion of its discharge. ,

"You did not?" ,


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"Now a piece of flannel," added the doctor.

145 "Hand them over to me, and let us have no more fooling."

"So far we do not disagree by the breadth of a hair. My cousin Corny was raised in the South, while I was raised in the North," continued the sick passenger.

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"No, you don't," interposed Mr. Blowitt. "You are commanding a little gunboat, though you are only eighteen."

"Quarter less ten!" shouted the leadsman, with even more vigor than before.

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※1 "Give way now, lively!" said the third lieutenant, in his ordinary tones. "I make her out, and she is a small sloop. We shall not have much of a brush."

148 Mr. Galvinne had proved himself to be a very gentlemanly officer in what little Christy had seen of him on the voyage from New York; but the situation was entirely changed so far as he was concerned. It appeared from the conversation, as the listener had for some time supposed, that the second lieutenant of the Vernon was the real leader of the enterprise of which Corny was the nominal head. Probably the restraint of over a week imposed upon him had fretted his spirit, and when he found himself alone with his incompetent superior, he became conscious of the superiority his knowledge and training gave him.

"Then the report of the light on the starboard bow places it directly to the eastward of us," added Christy. "That is about where the entrance to St. Andrew's Bay ought to be, if my calculations were correct. We have been running to the eastward since we left the blockaders' station off Pensacola Bay. My ruler on the chart gave me that course, and Mr. Galvinne followed it while he was in charge. We could not have got more than half a mile off the course in coming about twice. The shoaling of the water also indicates that we are all right."

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"You can consult your own inclination as to that, my excellent friend. I shall not force you 285 to be treated by him," added Christy, "But I must suggest that this farce has been carried far enough in my cabin."

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"Your father is good authority," added the surgeon.


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仙台がDFシマオ・マテの退団を発表、本人の帰国希望を尊重「カニマンボ」 | ゲキサカ

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[コパ・アメリカ]PK戦失敗連鎖もテベスが決める!アルゼンチンがコロンビア下し4強へ | ゲキサカ

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クンデ | ゲキサカ

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338 "South, sir," replied the quartermaster. パチスロ 花火 シュミレーター